Todd Adams

I do research in particle physics, also known as high energy physics. The goal is to understand the most basic particles and forces in nature. I lead the FSU High Energy Physics Group and work on the CMS Experiment at CERN. My focus is on searches for new physics in underexplored parts of the data sets. On CMS, I work on the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL), search for long-lived, massive, charged particles, and a search for diphoton resonances in triphoton events. In the past I have worked on the D0 collider experiment at Fermilab, the NuTeV fixed target experiment at Fermilab, and Brookhaven Experiment 852 - a search of exotic mesons. Until April 2019, I also serve as President of the Faculty Senate at FSU. In addition to more than 1,000 refereed journal publications, I have written articles on particle physics and higher education.

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