Zoe Fisher

Dr Zoe Fisher is an Associate Professor at Health and Wellbeing Academy at Swansea University and a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and lead for Community Neuro-rehabilitation Services in Swansea Bay Health Board. Her research focuses on developing theoretical frameworks and interventions that bridge the gap between research and clinical practice in order to facilitate more effective and sustainable healthcare services for people effected by brain injury. She has also worked with the British Psychological Society contributing to the development of the competency framework for the UK Clinical Neuropsychology Profession. Zoe currently works in the Community Brain Injury Service in ABMU Health Board and has an honorary contract at Swansea University. Prior to training as a clinician at University of Wales Cardiff, Zoe completed her Ph.D in neuropsychology at the University of Wales, Swansea. For the past five years, Zoe has been working with service users affected by brain injury, community providers and academics at Swansea University to develop and evaluate a range of community based neuro-rehabilitation programs. The programs make use of co-production, positive psychology and task shifting principles to improve resilience, well-being and facilitate community and social integration.

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