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  1. Richard Cook
    April 12, 2014

    “…whether it can be made clean enough to provide power as the world transitions to renewable energy sources without triggering an ecological disaster before we get there.” — The ecological disaster is already underway. Which part of the IPCC report did you guys not read? The ice is melting, lots of methane lurks underneath, climate is changing already and the process is accelerating. Oh, but let’s not have a ripple in the economy, since the super-wealthy depend on their investments to build their monuments to themselves.

  2. Quantium
    April 14, 2014

    This may be a proposal worth following:
    They are trying to build something similar to feed in tariffs that will work on a world wide basis.

  3. Eray Ozkural
    April 14, 2014

    I posted this on Scientific Transhumanism group on facebook, and we were immediately attacked by tea party trolls. It is very interesting that these idiots still persist on the net, maybe they are still getting money to assault AGW related news.

    • Cameron Scott
      Cameron Scott
      April 14, 2014

      Eray, Yes, the anti-climate change commenters on the web appear to be organized in a way that suggests payment. But we thank them for the traffic nonetheless.

    • Kevin McCann
      Kevin McCann
      April 19, 2014

      All things happen as you would expect. You must understand human social behavior in this modern world. A great error was made on climate change’s introduction, causing unnecessary disbelief.
      The climate issue was introduced to the average Americans in a very political, non-scientific way via Al Gore, the most divisive political figure of the time, him having lost the presidency. All solutions offered happen to fit (in the minds of the Right) with the Lefts long agenda, i.e. raising taxes, punishing evil corporations, more control by government, population control, putting down America, and making Al gore richer. Nuclear power was dismissed. The possibility of error was dismissed. All non-believers were ridiculed as political, religious, anti-science neanderthals. The Right assumes research money is proportionally not given to non-believers so they say the research is biased.
      Human social behavior is predictable. If you start a fight, you get a fight. Of course the Right does not want to believe this. The question is: how do you change it? I think if your attacked by trolls you should kindly answer questions without being demeaning; and understand that, as a scientist, that you could be in some error on some points.
      The Left still has the full intent of continuing to use this for political purposes, and the Right knows it. The planet suffers because of the blind quest for power on both sides. We will change behavior when it appears that it pays to change. It will take marketing and understanding.

  4. jambo
    April 20, 2014

    Does this blog have any interest in next generation nuclear such as Terrestrial Energy’s Denatured molten salt reactor (DMSR) or the Liquid Fluoride Molten Salt Reactor (LFTR) that the Chinese government (and Flibe Energy in the US) are trying to build?

  5. Robert Schreib
    May 28, 2014

    Dear Sirs, To fight global warming, have the United Nations create ‘The Global 50/50 Lottery’, the world’s first honest global lottery, to raise the massive funds needed to buy clean electricity generating wind, solar, ocean and water systems, to replace the electricity from our coal burning electric power plants that are emitting the carbon dioxide which is causing global warming. Remember, human greed is like a force of nature that can move mountains. If we can exploit it to fight global warming, we just might beat it!

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