A Few Awesome Humanoid Robot Videos

We recently came across several awesome humanoid robot videos that we have brought together into this one single post.  Most of these videos are more than a year old, but still amazing if you have never seen them before.

First we have the famous asimo robot from Honda.  Most of us have heard of Asimo, but when is the last time we took the time to see how far this robot has advanced in recent years?  Below are several videos showcasing Asimo.  Here is Asimo in a commercial:


This video of Asimo running is excellent:


And here is Asimo at CES 2007:


Next, check out HP-2 doing a Japanese dance with fantastic agility:


Here are Sony Qrio robots performing a synchronized dance to Beck’s Hell Yes. Many people mistakenly think that this video is created with animation, but the robots are really doing this:


Finally, here is a robot called twendy one. Watch this robot show off its dexterity by picking up a straw:


Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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