Immaculate: The Prosthetic Arm With Style

prosethic arm style


 From Endgaget and Playmedesign we learn that Masters student at AHO Hans Alexander Huseklepp, has a novel design, dubbed the Immaculate that opens our minds to a world in which prosthetic devices are fashionable, perhaps even superior to standard human limbs.  This is just a prototype of what is possible, it is not an actual product:

According to playmedesign: “Immaculate is a neurological prosthetic, connected to the users central nervous system. The exterior of the prosthetic is textile clad in Corian plates. The Corian allows embedded technology to be seamlessly integrated, and in union with the textile gives the prosthetic a clear graphical identity. Each joint is a globe joint, allowing a larger freedom of movement than a normal human arm.”




Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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