AVATAR Official Movie Trailer Released

You've already seen the poster, click after the break to see the trailer!
You’ve already seen the poster, click after the break to see the trailer!

James Cameron’s long awaited project, Avatar, has finally released its trailer. While the movie may have taken more than 14 years from conception to finish, the trailer seemed almost as anticipated. We’ve been waiting for it since our original story on the Avatar movie. Having watched the trailer, I’m impressed by the life like nature of the synthetic characters and the gorgeous 3D environments.You can see it in its entirety after the break.

The science fiction epic will focus on the conflict between humans and the Na’vi, an alien race on a distant planet. That planet is the backdrop for the film and highlights Cameron’s dedication to creating a completely immersive digital world for his actors to play in. Actors, who we should mention, are largely providing voices for digital stand-ins.

Avatar, like Surrogates, also deals with humans telecommuting into different bodies. In Cameron’s film the avatars are Na’vi-like bodies that human marines inhabit in order to interact with the aliens. The trailer alludes to how these marines in alien clothing get caught in the middle of the human-Na’vi battle. Checkout those battle scenes below!

As we said in our earlier story about Avatar, James Cameron really focused on creating an unparalleled world of digital animation. He used an enormous amount of computing power to allow him to see the final product graphics as he was still shooting the film. Watching the trailer, I think he put his technology to good use. Hopefully this movie will usher in a new way of seamlessly blending synthetic video into future films.

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