8 Hilarious Robot Videos You Have To Watch

hilarious-robotOne day robots may possess the intelligence of a human being, but for now they’ll just have to settle for our sense of humor. While scouring the internet for the latest in amazing robotic news I often find clips of robots that are…less than amazing. Call your office mates over, take a big sip of coffee, and prepare to do some spit takes, because we’ve got some videos of the lighter side of our deadly metallic overlords. Check out all eight after the break.

8. You Must Be This Gullible to Ride The Industrial Robot

At some point you may make friends with an industrial robotics engineer. Don’t be fooled by their happy demeanor and save-the-world attitude, the truth is that they are sadistic technophiles who will do anything to make you lose your lunch. Case in point, some poor sap was enticed into taking a ride on a chair strapped to an enormous robotic arm. While roller coaster enthusiasts out there are likely to salivate at the following video, I think I speak for the rest of us when I say that nausea just found a new spokesbot.

7. ASIMO vs. Stairs

ASIMO is Honda’s humanoid wonderbot. It has some of the most versatile and sophisticated machinery in the world. Which is probably why someone thought that having it climb a flight of stairs during a press conference would be a great demonstration. What follows is one of the funnier epic fails in recent robotic history. I just love the way ASIMO keeps talking as they hide it from view. “Don’t let them take me to the scrap heap, please!”

6. I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

Onion Network News has got the sincere but ridiculous newscast down to a fine science. In the following clip we catch a glimpse into our not too distant future when robots become an increasing presence in our society. You know, I often wish that our mainstream news media would take a look at ONN and try to live up to the standard demonstrated in their calm and collected style of journalism.

5. From The Creators of Roomba Comes a New Robot Made Just for Women

i-Robot, the makers of Roomba, have sold millions of the tiny vaccum units. During the height of the craze, only one group was able to take on those bump and clean machines: Saturday Night Live. I love the following clip for the amazing facial expressions, the playful running through the woods, and Tina Fey showing us how she earned her own sitcom. I think SNL also understood how we’ll pretty much let a robot go anywhere. And I do mean anywhere.

4. Man’s New Best Friend

Is it a commentary on the irreplacible spirit of humanity? A dialogue on the dichtomoy between our love of machines and our love of nature? Insight into our expectations that the universe exists to serve us? No, it’s a Budweiser commercial.

3. Will The Real ‘Big Dog’ Robot Please Stand Up?

Boston Dynamics has been working with the US Army to create a robotic mule. This bot, called the Big Dog, is able to walk over almost any terrain and carry supplies for four or more soldiers. While it moves funny and makes a hellatious whirring sound, it may be a key component of the Army of the future. PantlessKnights are a comedy group that apparently enjoys wearing tights. See if you can spot which is which.

2. Robots Get The Colbert Bump

Ah Stephen Colbert, who knew that occasionally not pronouncing a ‘t’ could be so funny? In this segment, Stephen lampoons an Atlanta bar owner who decides to use a robot to settle his problems with the local nighttime denizens of the streets. When it comes to letting people make asses of themselves on camera, no one does it like Colbert. This video had me in stitches as it taught me the value of “moistening” evil.

1. Does Obama’s Public Option Have a Robot Clause?

Again, there are few masters of satire as skilled as those at Saturday Night Live. I remember watching the following sketch as a kid and shooting milk out of my nose. Why I was drinking milk after midnight on a Saturday I can’t recall. But I do know that Sam Waterston is one of the most trustworthy people on the planet so when he tells me to buy insurance, I buy. I haven’t been attacked by a robot yet. Thank you, Old Glory. [Click here if you cannot watch hulu videos from outside the US]

That’s all the humor you can handle for now. Shoo away your coworkers and don’t let the boss know you’ve been laughing at work. It’s bad for business. Make sure to check out Singularity Hub everyday for real news on the world of robotics, nanotechnology, longevity, and the future.

[Video Credits: Videolot.com, Roborama, Onion Network News, NBC, Saturday Night Live, Budweiser, PantlessKnights, Colbert Report, ChristianClips.com]

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