Innovision’s Plug and Play ‘Holographic’ Projector (video)

innovision lab's holo ad 3D display
It isn't a hologram, but it looks pretty cool.

UPDATE: Innovision’s technology is very similar to, or even copies, the technology from Real Fiction.

We may not have true holographic displays for several years yet, but in the meantime, there are plenty of people willing to provide us with something that looks pretty darn close. The latest of these is Innovision Labs out of Taiwan, which has started to sell its Holo AD, a 3D display case that is (nearly) plug and play. The Holo AD looks like a lop-sided pyramid, and projects three distinct images on three of its sloped sides to produce a rounded effect. It’s much more convincing than it sounds. Check out the video demo after the break.

We’ve seen “holographic” displays that use partially transparent films, and others that rotate mirrors at high speed, but this self-contained display box from Holo AD has some distinct advantages and drawbacks. It can, as you see in the video, be integrated with real world objects. Simply place the object in the pyramid, create a video that blends with the object, and you’re good to go. Of course it’s creating a video that’s tough. Holo AD does accept videos and FLV files so that once you create your video, you easily upload it via USB port. That’s the plug-n-play part of the device. No extra software is needed, no training has to be given, you just upload the files and press play. Still, it’s not like the Holo AD scans and then plays a 3D image, or in anyway makes the creation of the projected video easy. You’re doing most of the work here.

Innovision mainly seems to be selling the Holo AD as a marketing tool. I have to admit, it makes a pretty impressive display case. You can rent the device or purchase it outright, but the company website isn’t very clear on how much this costs. As with many other 3D projection techniques, I’m impressed with what the Holo AD can do, but I fear that it has limited applicability.

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