New Documentary on the End to Aging Premiers Feb 11th (Video)

I learned most of my philosophy from 70s rock ballads, so I know that all we are is dust in the wind. Still, film director Robert Kane Pappas dares to ask who wants to live forever. In his new documentary, To Age Or Not To Age, Pappas has gathered some of the most brilliant minds in longevity and seeks to show how the science of aging has made huge leaps in understanding in the last twenty years. The film will be premiered in New York on February 11th followed by a panel discussion with some major names in the field: Aubrey de Grey, Robert Butler, Leonard Guarente, and Gordon Lithgow. If you don’t live in NYC, don’t worry. The event will be simulcast to theaters across the US.  The panel discussion will also be available online so you can watch for free later. While the trailer for the film is less than awe-inspiring (click on the photo to watch), a clip from the movie seems more promising. Check it out after the break.

to age or not to age trailer
Click on this photo to see the trailer.

The problem with the science of aging is that it takes a lifetime to run an experiment on humans. That’s why the MPrize offers rewards for extending the life of mice, and why most resveratrol studies focus on other animals. With such a lengthy time table to deal with, it’s no surprise that most people don’t believe in or can’t conceive of the possible advancements in combating aging that may occur in the next few decades. The same could be said of the Singularity. Maybe To Age Or Not To Age will be longevity’s equivalent of Transcendent Man. I’ll watch the panel discussion online in a few weeks and let you know how it is. In the meantime, don’t fear the reaper.

[screen capture and video credit: Robert Kane Pappas]

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