Singularity University’s Summer Program Doubling in Size – Sign Up Now

Singularity University GSP
Last year’s GSP class had some amazing experiences. I think these guys are all holding robots they made. Awesome.

Singularity University’s inaugural Graduate Studies Program was such a success last year that singularity University press release they’ve decided to double the class size. That’s an understandable trend for an institution that hopes to educate entrepreneurs and leaders about the possibilities of exponential growth and accelerating technologies. Now, 80 students will be trek out to NASA’s AMES campus in Silicon Valley from June 19th to August 28th to experience cutting edge lectures, workshops, tours of nearby labs, a Zero-G suborbital flight, and sneak peeks at NASA technology. Those interested can sign up through March 15 at the SU website. If the $25k price tag is daunting, there are some partial and full scholarships available. Like last year, students will join together to create a final project that addresses the grand challenges facing humanity: poverty, energy, environment, illness, etc. SU realizes that the accelerating technologies we develop today will affect the lives of billions in the years to come. They’re inviting you to take part in directing how that development will take shape.

Co-founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, Singularity University has a unique focus on getting people to encourage/take advantage of exponential growth in science and technology. The SU curriculum covers far-gazing topics like future studies and forecasting but also practical concepts like policy, law, and ethics. In this way the organization is hoping to not only educate a group of promising graduate and post graduate students but also to give them the tools to become entrepreneurs and leaders in these developing fields. Last year’s crop of GSP students formed at least four start-ups whose missions range from affordable housing to rapid emergency response direction through mobile phones. Each student of the GSP or Winter Executive Program becomes part of the Singularity University Network (SUN), a group designed to create and maintain important business connections. SU continues to gather impressive talent, and produce exciting results, and I can’t wait to see what new innovations and ideas come out of the summer program this year.

*Disclosure: Keith Kleiner, owner of Singularity Hub, is an associate founder at Singularity University.

[image credits: Singularity University]

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