Tron Legacy Trailer Released With Daft Punk Sound Score


The cult classic movie Tron from 1982 is set to get a facelift this year with the release of a sequel movie called Tron Legacy.  The second trailer for the movie was released yesterday, featuring gorgeous imagery and a highly anticipated sound score from geek favorite French electronic music duo Daft Punk.  Jeff Bridges, who played the role of computer hacker genius Kevin Flynn from the original Tron, returns to Tron Legacy alongside his now grow up son, Sam.  It is encouraging that Steven Lisberger, director of the original Tron, will be contributing to Tron Legacy as a producer.  Be sure to check out the latest trailer and the earlier teaser trailer- multiple times – after the break. Plus a bonus: a video of the trailer for the original Tron from 1982.

Tron Legacy Looks Pretty Sweet

Like most of the big films being released recently, Tron will be available in 3D.  With Tron’s signature high speed lightcycle chases, glowing disk projectile weaponry, and a simulated digital universe the film is ripe for some 3D awesomeness.

Will Neon Suits Be New Fashion Trend?

When the original Tron movie was released in 1982 it was a revolutionary, daring production seen as high risk from its producer Walt Disney.  Computer programs were a barely emerging concept in a society of Pong, mainframes, and a sizable dose of skepticism and fear about the potential for computers.  In a sign of how the times have changed, today’s Tron sequel will fit naturally into our world of fast converging digital and biological technologies.  Tron’s virtual world of humans and programs projecting themselves as digital avatars is a common theme in movies (Avatar) and TV shows (Caprica), and truly exists in the real world to a certain degree (Second Life, Augmented Reality, Foursquare, Video Conferencing).  It is increasingly hard these days to think of futuristic advances that aren’t already being worked on in labs and corporations around the world.  We hope you enjoy the futuristic (but not that futuristic!) trailers.

Here is a bonus treat for you, the trailer for the original Tron from 1982:

[image credits: Walt Disney Pictures]
[sources: Wikipedia, The Internet Movie Database]


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