Willow Garage’s PR2 Robots Dance on the Way to Their New Homes (video)

The PR2 robot is one of the most advanced research platforms in the world...and it can boogey.

What does any good teenager do upon leaving home for the first time? Dance and party. Well, robots are no different, as we saw at Willow Garage’s recent PR2 Beta Program launch event. The Silicon Valley based start up gave away eleven of its open source robots to various research teams around the world in an effort to fuel innovation and collaboration in the global robotics community. As part of their farewell presentation the versatile PR2 robots did a coordinated dance routine before mingling with the audience for pictures and handshakes. Check out our on-the-spot coverage of the festivities in the video below. Those bots really know how to work a crowd!

[screen capture and video credit: Singularity Hub]

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