Michio Kaku: If You Can’t Beat the Singularity, Join It

Michio Kaku joins the Singularity
Michio Kaku explores how humans and machines could unify instead of compete.

Are you worried about the coming robot apocalypse? Does research into artificial general intelligence freak you out? Do you look at computers and start dreading for the safety of your children? If so, world renowned physicist and science champion Michio Kaku has a message for you: instead of fearing technology, humanity should learn how to become part of it. Kaku hosts a great TV show called Sci Fi Science wherein he explores some of the amazing technologies being developed today, and the out-of-this-world consequences they could bring tomorrow. Recently, he took a look at the Technological Singularity, which as he puts it will be “a time when computer power grows without limit, surpassing human intelligence, sweeping aside everything in its path.” Sounds scary, huh? Well, after talking to experts around the world, Kaku decides there’s only one reasonable way to deal with the Singularity: join it. By merging with computers, humanity will not only preserve itself, it will expand into realms it cannot comprehend in the present. Watch clips from Kaku’s Singularity episode in the video below. By the end Kaku is openly recruiting us to join him in embracing the machine.

Michio Kaku is one of the most famous modern day presenters in science. He’s authored several best sellers, hosts two radio programs, has the Sci Fi Science TV show (now in its second season), and writes a blog on BigThink. As we’ve shown in the past, he seems to delight in answering questions from average readers and viewers, and no subject seems too far-fetched for him to consider and explain. It’s only fitting then that Kaku take a long look at the Singularity and consider the implications of exponential growth in artificial intelligence. While Kaku doesn’t espouse as optimistic approach to the subject as many others, he does end up with a very positive outlook on what the growth of AI could mean for humanity. I tend to share his view. Accelerating technology is only scary when you view it as separate from ourselves. Once you realize that we are already increasing the ways we incorporate it into our everyday lives (how long do you go between using your phone, the internet, or computer?) continuing along that path starts to make sense. Don’t fear the machine conquering humanity. The machine will become one with humanity.

The following clips were (apparently) taken from Sci Fi Science’s episode “AI Uprising”. The video was uploaded to YouTube by ImYoda69, I make no guarantees of its copyright status.

[image and video credits: Sci Fi Science]

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