Get Ready for RoboGames 2011! Coming in April to San Mateo (video)

Robogames 2011
Robot boxing matches are just one of the many fun reasons you should attend RoboGames 2011.

The robots are coming, the robots are coming! This spring, the San Mateo Fairgrounds will host RoboGames, the annual international event that sees robots face off in a variety of exciting competitions. Robots battle to the death in the famous RoboGames arena, shoot to win in soccer matches, fight fires in miniature mazes, and much much more. Big names in robotics like Willow Garage and Trossen have attended in the past, and there are endless tables of vendors, enthusiasts, and engineers showing off their creations. RoboGames 2011 will take place the weekend of April 15th – advanced tickets are already on sale for $20/day. (US Military personnel receive great discounts: free tickets for active duty enlisted soldiers and families, and 50% off for officers and reservists.) You can get a taste of what to expect by looking at our coverage of RoboGames 2010, and don’t miss the two great highlight videos for you to watch after the break. There are many robot conferences all over the world, but RoboGames is one of the most diverse and fun you’ll ever attend.

RoboGames has many different competitions, but it’s definitely the Combots battles that it’s become famous for. These deathmatches between weapon wielding robots have been attended by tens of thousands of spectators over the years and always draw a packed crowd. The noise and the competition is fierce. Here’s an amazing video of last year’s greatest hits compiled by MadOverlord:

Even if you don’t favor robot on robot violence (which would make you really weird, btw) there is something for you at RoboGames. Bartender robots, model robots, autonomous robots, small remote-controlled robots in simulated environments – this event really has it all. As we get closer to the actual date, Singularity Hub will give you important updates and highlights of what you can expect for this year’s RoboGames, and hopefully we’ll be there in person to cover it all. Hey, there’s another reason to attend – you get to meet the robots humans that write this blog!

I’ll leave you with Keith Kleiner’s awesome highlight reel of RoboGames 2010. Look at all those great bots! Why wouldn’t you go?

[image credit: Sam Coniglio via RoboGames]
[source: RoboGames]

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