Anybots Has An Army of Telepresence Robots Ready to Send Your Way!

There’s little in this world that will frustrate us technophile types more than having to wait for our robots to arrive in the mail. For many who purchased the QB telerobot from Anybots, that wait can take weeks. Luckily, the Silicon Valley robotics firm has recently released pictures of its wall to wall line of QBs ready to roll out and invade your home or office. In just a few weeks these bots will be ready to allow your coworkers and clients to teleport into your life via webcams and microphones. Check out some fun pics below.

While there are several options for telepresence robots, Anybots has pushed the QB as the hassle free, easy to use, and fun option that businesses will want to adopt. Having test driven a QB myself, I’d have to agree with them on most counts. The halls of Singularity Hub still ring with the debate on whether the cute-looking robot face of the QB would be better replaced by a larger display, and whether the $15,000 cost is the right price point. I’d love to hear what our readers think about those topics – feel free to debate in the comments, or add a thread to our new Debate Central feature. In the meantime, Anybots presses forward, taking their QB to TED 2011, introducing it to Lady Gaga and otherwise showing it off. Good for you, guys, keep it up.

anybots update images 02
That's a lot of QB Robots...I am a little intimidated here.
anybots update images lady gaga
Pop sensations can't get enough of telepresence. It's a fact.
anybots update images
They just keep going and going and going and going...

[image credits: Anybots via their blog and Facebook]
[sources: Anybots Blog]

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