Yes, We Got Hacked But We Fixed It – No More Malware Messages

Not a message you ever want to see

So about 12 hours ago everyone started getting warning messages from their web browsers that they should not go to Singularity Hub because it was infested with malware.  Sadly, the web browsers were right.  Someone with nothing better to do hacked our site in a subtle way that did not deface the site, but instead configured the site to install malware on incoming visitors´machines.

We reacted immediately to cleanup the infestation and our site is now clean and safe to use again.  Feel free to leave a comment on this post, or to email us directly at with any feedback you would like to send our way.

For those that want more of the details of it all, Google´s Chrome web browser actually has a pretty awesome feature in which it detects sites that are infested with malware automatically.  When Chrome detects an infected site, such as Singularity Hub was just hours ago, the website gets added to a blacklist that gets propagated to several other applications, such as Firefox and Safari.  Within hours Google is thus able to protect users across the world from falling into the hands of a malicious website.  This is pretty nifty (as long as your website doesn´t end up on the blacklist!).  Once you are on the blacklist, you have to clean your site of the infection and notify Google once you are all cleaned up.  They then take you off the blacklist, ideally within a few hours, once their software confirms that the malware is no longer present.  This is indeed what has occurred with Singularity Hub.

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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