Singularity University Executive Programs Coming Oct 1-8 and Dec 3-10. Enroll Now!

SU EPThey’ll give you seven days to change the world. Hot on the heels of their successful third summer program, Singularity University is gearing up for this year’s week-long intensive sessions. The future-minded school is ready to register students for its two Exponential Technology Executive Programs this fall. October 1-8, and again December 3-10, Singularity University will open its doors to those looking to share and learn information about how emerging technology will lead to disruptive changes in the next decade, and how we might harness that disruption for the benefit of all humanity. Focusing on key areas of study like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetics, biotech, and energy, the SU Exponential Technology Executive Programs combines site visits with discussions with world-famous inventors and scientists to give their students a one of a kind look at the modern world and where it is headed. If you want to learn how technology will shape the future this is the place to go. Register here. Tuition is steep, $12k, but participants have found it to be well worth the cost. Hear from SU alumni in the video below. Good luck to all the applicants. Let’s see what difference a week can make.

*Note: SU has started to reward referrals. Get a friend to join the Executive Program and you can receive a free ride in Zero G, or a full genome sequence. Details here.

[image and video credit: Singularity University/SU media]
[source: SU]

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