Need 30 Seconds of Laughter? Check out This Awesome Daycare Robots Commercial

Geico Daycare RobotDo I trust robots? Sure. Would I trust a robot to look after my children? Um…okay, let me think about this. Insurance provider Geico, already known for its commercials and their humorous take on pop culture, recently released a great ad featuring a daycare center run by robots. Cheaper because it “uses robots instead of real people,”the fictitious daycare doesn’t seem like the most pleasant place to spend your childhood. But it is pretty freakin’ hilarious. Check out the 30 second spot in the video below. I wish I could say that Geico’s ad is all fun and games, but with South Korea looking to put a robot in every kindergarten by 2013, and Japan making huge investments in robotic elder care, it seems like this commercial might simply be a little ahead of its time.

A little free advice: When you do go shopping for a daycare (or nursing home) run by robots, don’t tell them they’re not “real people.” They hate that.

[screen capture and video credits: Geico]

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