Help Accelerate Nanotechnology: Donate to the Foresight Institute With Matching Gifts Through Jan 15th

Foresight Institute

For twenty five years the Foresight Institute has been one of the leading proponents of nanotechnology, and 2011 was no exception. A 25th anniversary conference in June gathered visionary minds like Moon Express’ Barney Pell, IBM’s Thomas Theis, and CalTech’s William Goddard. Foresight’s ongoing Dinner Lecture series exposed Silicon Valley locals to legends in the field. Their outreach program brought experts like Ralph Merkle to educational groups like Singularity University and UC Berkeley’s NanoClub. Members of Foresight’s leadership also appeared (or will soon be seen) at major conferences (like the Singularity Summit), on TV, in documentary films, and tons of online/print media.

Foresight wants to continue building momentum to propel them into 2012 and you can help. A special $30,000 Challenge Grant is running now through January 15th. Every dollar you donate to Foresight will be matched, and you can give easily online.

While the world has no lack of philanthropic groups, the Foresight Institute stands out as one of the few, and most far-reaching, focused on nanotechnology. They inspire research with prizes, the excite and engage the public with lectures and conferences, and by attracting like minded innovators to the same space, they provide a rare sort of incubation:

“The entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley is an integral part of Foresight’s spirit. Dozens of partnerships, collaborations and startups (some rather well known now) got their start at the bottom of a glass on a table napkin in the late night aftermath of a Foresight gathering.”
—Larry Milltein, incoming President Foresight 2012

Still not convinced you should give to Foresight? I’ll leave with this 2010 appeal from outgoing president and co-founder Christine Peterson:

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[image and videos courtesy the Foresight Institute]

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