Maker Of NAO Robots Releases Mashed-Up Video Highlighting Our Robot Future

Aldebaran Robotics, maker of the NAO Next Gen bots, is hiring a slew of engineers to work on its humanoid robots.

Aldebaran Robotics, maker of the NAO robot, has released a recruiting video seeking “Europe’s best engineering talents” to help it build the next phase of the NAO dream team. The video titled “Shape the World” mashes up clips from movies (I Robot, Wall-E, Star Wars), commericals (Audi, Nike, Philips, Saturn) and even a video from Björk to profile the coolness of the robot world.

With phrases in the video like “Robots are the future” and “Join us shape the world”, Aldebaran makes it clear that the world of NAO is thriving.

At its website, the company posted information about nearly 30 positions it’s seeking to fill, adding to its current staff of over 150. Back in April at the inaugural NAO Spring Dev Days conference in Paris, developers showed off how they were using NAO Next Gen bots to transcribe human speech, mimic humans via a Kinect, and serve as fitness trainers. These projects, however, seem to be scratching the surface of what next generation NAOs can do, so it is encouraging to see that the company is hiring extensively for its next phase of growth. Odds are we’ll be seeing more than just dances coming from these bots.

Watch the recruiting video for yourself to see how Aldebaran captures its excitement for robotics:

[Media: AldebaranYouTube]

[Source: Aldebaran]

David J. Hill
David J. Hill
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