Boom! Singularity Hub Launches New Website

Singularity Hub Gets New Website!

Dear Hub Readers,

I am super excited to announce that we have launched a completely new look and feel to our website today.  The website is faster, cleaner, more modern, and offers more features. We hope you like it!

To fully unlock the power of this new site, you will need to login or register at the top of the site.  And if you are logged in as a Singularity Hub Member, you will find that the new site offers some super cool member features.  You can read all about membership features on our membership page.

Our mission here at Singularity Hub is to offer the best coverage of the technologies and breakthroughs that are rapidly changing our world, our societies, and ourselves as humans. Robots, genetics, stem cells, and other fields are propelling mankind to an incredible level of capability and power.  Where will we go with this newfound power?  What will it mean to be human in the next 20, 50, or 100 years?  What will happen to our planet and ourselves?  How can we all work together to harness this technology for the betterment of all of us?  These are the questions and topics that we explore here with you, our readers, everyday at the Hub.

The launch of this new website is the next step in our evolution here at the Hub, but there is much more to come.  We have big plans to roll out new features and more content in the coming months.  So enjoy the new site, and tell your friends and family about us.



Keith Kleiner

Founder/Editor Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub chronicles technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs and issues shaping the future as well as supporting a global community of smart, passionate, action-oriented people who want to change the world.
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