Singularity Hub Acquired! Now Part Of Singularity University

Dear SH Readers,

I am extremely pleased to announce today that Singularity Hub has been acquired by Singularity University. Singularity Hub’s mission has always been to offer readers the best news coverage of sci/tech breakthroughs that are rapidly changing human abilities, health, and society. Now, as part of Singularity University, Singularity Hub will be able to fulfill this mission better than ever.

Singularity University has grown over the last four years into the epicenter of the singularity community. You may have noticed that an incredible number of speakers, faculty, CEOs, and game changers of the world are visiting and contributing to Singularity University on a regular basis. Now that Singularity Hub has been acquired by Singularity University, we will have direct access to this impressive and growing network of people, ideas, and content. The benefits to Singularity Hub are, in fact, already kicking in: Singularity Hub members now have access to dozens of outstanding lectures and presentations from the Singularity University archive within our Video Central page. Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Peter Norvig, and Kevin Kelly are just a few of the interesting individuals that are featured.

For long time readers of the Hub and new readers alike, please be assured that post-acquisition Singularity Hub will maintain its independence and commitment to high quality reporting. Sure, we will have coverage of the people and events that are spinning out of Singularity University. We expect, in fact, that many of the amazing people that have been hanging out at Singularity University will start spending more time here at the Hub, as readers, guest posters, and contributors to the Hub community! But most of our coverage at Singularity Hub will still be about the amazing things that are happening outside the University, just as it always has been. We will continue to provide a balanced, insightful, and critical view of the sci/tech developments around the world that we find most relevant and interesting to our readers.

For those that want a little history, I founded Singularity Hub about five years ago with the mission to create the best singularity focused news site on the planet. Well, actually, during the first six months or so maybe I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. But shortly thereafter my vision for the site quickly coalesced around that goal. The founding of Singularity Hub actually precedes the founding of Singularity University, which was incorporated four years ago. I was at the founding meeting of Singularity University, and I was an early supporter of its creation. During all of these years, however, Singularity University and Singularity Hub have been completely unrelated entities and the two companies surprisingly had never formally collaborated in any way. Recently, however, Singularity University CEO Rob Nail and I came to the realization that our two organizations would make a perfect combination, ultimately leading to today’s announcement.

I’d like to say thank you to the amazing team of writers on staff here at Singularity Hub that produce the fabulous content that we consistently offer every day. I’d also like to thank all of our readers for supporting us and coming here each day to read and discuss what we have to say. And a huge shout out to my awesome wife who is always by my side! Now, as the Hub joins Singularity University, our community and our news coverage will gather new energy, ideas, and people. Indeed, the best is yet to come!

Speaking of new people joining our community, I’ll close below with quotes about the acquisition from some of our newest members 🙂

Peter Diamandis, Singularity University Executive Chairman and Author of The New York Times best-seller Abundance: “The majority of the news we hear today is repeatedly negative, and follows the old adage: “if it bleeds it leads.” Singularity Hub is one of the best places to go to learn about the incredible breakthroughs and positive news that are transforming our world and creating an age of abundance. If you want to understand all of the amazing progress going on in the world at an increasing rate, get your news here.”

Rob Nail, Singularity University CEO: “We are thrilled to now have Singularity Hub as our media platform to increase awareness about the implications of fast-moving technologies, and make our content more accessible to the world. Keith is intimately in tune with exponential thinking and the vision that we have at SU. Singularity Hub showcases many of the rapidly accelerating technologies and trends that we see as disruptive forces for the foreseeable future.”

Ray Kurzweil, Mr. Singularity: “I’m an avid Singularity Hub reader.  There’s some great in-depth material that really looks at all of the singularity ideas.  It’s really quite unique!”

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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