Short Film “SYNC” Imagines Robot Couriers As the Defense Against Cyberterrorism


Hacking and cyberterrorism are modern-day realities, and the more connected we become, the more vulnerable we are.

While this is true for individuals, it’s much more grim for corporations who have millions and even billions to lose. Big companies are learning the hard way about weak spots in their data supply chains, as evidenced by the increasing stream of breaches in the news cycle. Speaking at TEDGlobal in 2012, Marc Goodman, Chair of Policy, Law, and Ethics at Singularity University, said “Whether or not you realize it, we are at the dawn of a technological arms race, an arms race between people who are using technology for good and those who are using it for ill.

So what’s to be done? What future technologies will corporations employ to keep transactions secure?

In the recent short film SYNC, written and directed by Hasraf HaZ Dulull, a possible technology is explored with somewhat predictable consequences: robotic couriers. The parcel-delivering, autonomous androids are called SYNCs and their creator is convinced that they are secure.

Clearly this sci-fi short is meant to set the stage for a longer story, but it raises the larger question, will a 100% secure transaction ever be possible in the future.