Short Film “Doubles” Is a Humorous Take on the Nightmare of Parallel Universes Colliding


We’ve all wondered how our lives would be different if things had gone another way. Would we be the same person or someone we wouldn’t even recognize?

The truth may be that we don’t really want to know.

Each moment of our lives offers an infinite number of possible realities with only one of these defining our existence and who we think we are. But the notion of alternative realities or parallel universes involve cloned versions of all that we know. Any differences are due to various pathways taken at defining forks in the road of reality. The theory goes that an infinite number of parallel universes may exist for each moment in time.

It’s an intriguing thought experiment simply because it is seemingly unproveable and, perhaps more importantly, unreachable. But that doesn’t stop filmmaker Jason Motz from humorously exploring what life would be like should two parallel universes collide in the short film Doubles.

With great acting and a blasé tone, Doubles is a well executed depiction of the kinds of classic and quirky thought experiments that futurists and science fiction fans love. But instead of short that relies on CGI eye candy to make its point, Doubles shows the all too human consequences of what facing your other self would be like.