Philip Rosedale on the Future of Virtual Worlds on This Week’s Ask an Expert [Video]


“Virtual jobs are going to be a dominant part of our future…they’ll probably be the biggest place that we work.” 

As the momentum of virtual reality builds, many claims about its future success have been made, some of which boil down to plain wishful thinking. But in this week’s episode of Ask an Expert, Philip Rosedale provides a more seasoned optimism about the popularity of the coming virtual worlds. He discusses concerns and hopes about virtual reality and his motivation behind building entirely new universes for humans to both work and play within.

Now Rosedale isn’t just a wild conjecturer—he’s the founder of Second Life, one of the most successful Internet-connected virtual worlds created. Additionally, Rosedale founded High Fidelity Inc in 2013 to build the next generation of virtual worlds utilizing the latest in virtual reality technology.

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