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Ask An Expert

Ask an Expert is a Singularity University series in which we delve into various fields of study and ply top experts with pressing questions.

Technology and Compassion: A Conversation With the Dalai Lama

From how we get around to how we spend our time to how we manage our health, technology is changing our lives—not to mention economies, governments, and cities around the world. Tech has brought...

Our Star Trek-like Future Awaits on This Week’s Episode of Ask an Expert [VIDEO]

If you consider how much of our world's systems revolve around scarcity — from basic needs like food and shelter to quality-of-life improving desirables — it's no wonder that the resource-abundant world of the Star Trek universe would...

Take a Deep Dive into the Brain with This Week’s Episode of Ask an Expert [Video]

When will we understand the brain? In an era of scientific progress and emerging technologies, one would think that we were on the cusp of finally answering this age-old question. Not so fast. Understanding the anatomical structures and physiological functions...

What Will ‘Drag and Drop’ Gene Editing Do for You? Find Out on Ask an Expert [Video]

Biotechnology is moving blindingly fast: From $1,000 human genome sequencing to CRISPR gene editing, we're approaching an era when scientists can edit and rewrite the source code of life. Physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson...

Would You Take a One-Way Trip to Space? Anousheh Ansari Responds on Ask an Expert [Video]

Watch just about any science fiction movie and the allure of space is mesmerizing. It's open, seemingly infinite, and full of unknowns. It is the final frontier. But would you be willing to venture off to explore space...

Philip Rosedale on the Future of Virtual Worlds on This Week’s Ask an Expert [Video]

"Virtual jobs are going to be a dominant part of our future...they'll probably be the biggest place that we work."  As the momentum of virtual reality builds, many claims about its future success have been made, some of which...

Paul Saffo Forecasts the Future on This Week’s Episode of Ask an Expert [Video]

We're all excited about the future, but maybe you've had some of these lingering thoughts: Will increased longevity challenge people's religious beliefs? How will our lives change over the next decade due to virtual reality? Will...

Is the Future of Drones Dastardly or Daring? This Week’s Ask an Expert Is Now Airborne [VIDEO]

Perusing the news, one might think the world of drones has quieted down. But hovering in the minds of those concerned about the impact of drones on society for better or worse are questions that that continue to arise. In this...

Is Bitcoin the Largest Ponzi Scheme of All Time? Find Out in the Latest Ask an Expert [Video]

People sure are abuzz about bitcoin — after all, it's not every day that a new currency pops on the scene. But the buzz has more to do with what you can do with bitcoin then...

Episode 3 of Ask an Expert Now Online: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? [Video]

Ready or not, another episode Ask an Expert is already here...about as fast as robots are showing up in the workplace. This episode, in fact, is all about robots and how they will affect humans. Walking us through the implications of the...

Episode 2 of Ask an Expert is Out: Is the Age of Robocars Upon Us? [Video]

It's Thursday, which means it's time for another episode of Ask an Expert. In this video, we dive into the subject of autonomous vehicles and their impact on the future of transportation. Brad Templeton, Singularity...

Watch Episode 1 of Ask an Expert, the New Web Series from Singularity University

Last week, we told you about a new web series called Ask an Expert. Well, Episode 1 is finally here and it's all about ENERGY! In its debut, questions about energy that were tweeted to @singularityu with...

Ask an Expert, a New Web Series from Singularity University with Answers about the Future of Tech

Do you have a burning question about emerging technologies and how they're shaping the world? Maybe you're curious about when bitcoin will be accepted everywhere or when nanobots will be repairing your body from the inside out. Or...

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