Take a Deep Dive into the Brain with This Week’s Episode of Ask an Expert [Video]


When will we understand the brain?

In an era of scientific progress and emerging technologies, one would think that we were on the cusp of finally answering this age-old question. Not so fast. Understanding the anatomical structures and physiological functions of the brain is one thing; being able to reverse engineer it to achieve consciousness is on an entirely different level.

In this week’s episode of Ask an Expert, Divya Chander dives into the topic of building a brain, the neuroscience of decision-making, and what can be done to therapeutically rewire the brain.

Dr. Divya Chander is a faculty member in the Department of Anesthesia at Stanford University and serves as Medicine and Neuroscience faculty at Singularity University. Having received her training at Harvard, UCSD, and UCSF, she now specializes in the study of consciousness. Dr. Chander aims to utilize the understanding of neural mechanisms to develop improved algorithms for brain monitors.

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