LIVESTREAM: ‘Future of Learning’ Event Live Tonight at 6pm PST

If you can’t join us in person for our Future of Learning event this evening at Singularity University, don’t worry. You can watch the livestream from the comfort of your own home or office.

During this fun evening of co-creation and imagination, we will be exploring the changing landscape of how we teach and learn in the information age.

Watch the livestream here starting at 6pm PST on November 5, 2015

Have questions during our panel discussion? We’ll be taking them @singularityu using #FutureLearning.

The evening panel will be moderated by Singularity University’s vice president of faculty and curriculum, Nicole Wilson, who will be joined by Dr. Shlomy Kattan (XPRIZE Foundation), Tina Davar (IBM Watson group), Beth Kuenstler (Minerva).

The impact of exponential technologies can be seen on nearly every aspect of our lives, not least of which is how we teach and learn. Tonight, we will be asking:

  • What are the critical skills youth and adults need to thrive in the 21st century and beyond?
  • How do exponential technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality have the potential to change how we learn?
  • What roles should startups, governments, schools and communities play in the evolving learning landscape?


Image credit: Shutterstock

Sveta McShane
Sveta McShane
Sveta writes about the intersection of biology and technology (and occasionally other things). She also enjoys long walks on the beach, being underwater and climbing rocks. You can follow her @svm118.
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