An Inside Look at the SU Labs Startup Accelerator: The Entrepreneur’s Journey


Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur aspiring to launch a startup? Increasingly, you’re not alone. Developing technologies are opening entrepreneurship up to more people, while successful new startups are popping up around innovation hubs worldwide.

Even with more tools available than ever, the entrepreneur’s path remains full of challenges.

A startup accelerator is a relatively new phenomenon in the entrepreneurial community. Traditionally offering critical infrastructure, support, finances, and real-time connections, accelerators provide backing traditional companies wouldn’t have from the start.

This hands-on educational and professional training covers a lot of ground. Often the lessons learned over the curated courses would take years in real-time business operations otherwise.

Last year, Singularity University Labs kicked off its first accelerator. The 10-week program welcomed early stage startups using the latest technologies to make a positive impact in the world. Want a peek under the hood? The videos selected below offer an inside look alongside critical insights gained from the program.

Have an early stage startup leveraging exponential technology? Applications for the Spring 2017 SU Labs Startup Accelerator are open until October 31stClick here to apply.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey (Weeks 1 and 2)

“Some of the most productive growth in a successful company often comes not from progress—but the trials and tribulations that shape the organization from its earliest stages. Getting creative about the problems that you’re facing in each stage, to me, is the essence of being a great entrepreneur.” –Randy Haykin (Partner, Haykin Capital & Gratitude Network)

 Financial Structuring (Weeks 3–5)

“I think we’re going to see an end of the category of the large corporation over the next decade or two, and so I think all of the advantages now with start-ups because you have access to accelerating technologies, the cost is low, and you can think boldly. You can take on risks that any big company can’t take on.” –Salim Ismail (Global Ambassador, Singularity University)

 Inside the Mind of a VC Firm (Weeks 6–9)

“If you’re building something that the market genuinely needs, truly wants, and is desperate to have, a lot of the other problems fall by the wayside.” –Garrett Dunham (SU Labs, Accelerator EIR)

 SU Labs Startup Accelerator Week 10 and Highlights

“The thing that excites me the most, and what’s driving the whole ethos here at Singularity University is the notion that today, the world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities. And what we teach is: Want to become a billionaire? Help a billion people. Looking to create a great company? Find an amazing problem and solve it.” –Peter Diamandis (Co-Founder, Singularity University)

The selected videos featured above offer a guided tour through the 10-week experience—but that isn’t all. Watch the rest of the series here.

The Founder’s Mission of SU Labs Startup Accelerator

The Founders of the inaugural SU Labs Startup Accelerator share their company mission statements and personal motivations in their quest to solve the world’s greatest challenges

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