Discover the Most Advanced Industrial Technologies at Exponential Manufacturing

Machine learning, automated vehicles, additive manufacturing and robotics—all popular news headlines, and all technologies that are changing the way the US and the world makes, ships and consumes goods. New technologies are developing at an exponentially increasing pace, and organizations are scrambling to stay ahead of them.

At the center of this change lie the companies creating the products of tomorrow.

Whether it’s self-driving commercial trucks or 3D-printed rocket engines, the opportunities for financial success and human progress are greater than ever. Looking to the future, manufacturing will begin to include never-before-seen approaches to making things using uncommon methods such as deep learning, biology and human-robot collaboration.

That’s where Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit comes in.

Last year’s event showed how artificial intelligence is changing research and development, how robots are moving beyond the factory floor to take on new roles, how fundamental shifts in energy markets and supply chains are being brought about by exponential technologies, how additive manufacturing is nearing an atomic level of precision, and how to make sure your organization stays ahead of these technologies to win business and improve the world.

Hosted in Boston, Massachusetts May 17-19, Exponential Manufacturing is a meetup of 600+ of the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturing leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. These are the people who design and engineer products, control supply chains, bring together high-functioning teams and head industry leading organizations. Speakers at the event will dive into the topics of deep learning, robotics and cobotics, digital biology, additive manufacturing, nanotechnology and smart energy, among others.

Alongside emcee Will Weisman, Deloitte’s John Hagel will discuss how to innovate in a large organization. Ray Kurzweil will share his predictions for an exponential future. Neil Jacobstein will focus on the limitless possibilities of machine learning. Jay Rogers will share his learnings from the world of rapid prototyping. Hacker entrepreneur Pablos Holman will offer his perspective on what’s truly possible in today’s world. These innovators will be joined by John Werner (Meta), Valerie Buckingham (Carbon), Andre Wegner (Authentise), Deborah Wince-Smith (Council on Competitiveness), Raymond McCauley (Singularity University), Ramez Naam (Singularity University), Vladimir Bulović (MIT), and many others.

Now, more than ever, there is a critical need for companies to take new risks and invest in education simply to stay ahead of emerging technologies. At last year’s Exponential Manufacturing, Ray Kurzweil predicted, “In 2029, AIs will have human levels of language and will be able to pass a valid Turing test. They’ll be indistinguishable from human.” At the same event,  Neil Jacobstein said, “It’s not just better, faster, cheaper—it’s different.”

There’s little doubt we’re entering a new era of global business, and the manufacturing industry will help lead the charge. Learn more about our Exponential Manufacturing Summit, and join us in Boston this May.

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