How Leaders Can Create Social Impact in a Complex World


In an interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco, Adene Sacks discussed how social impact leadership is evolving in today’s world.

Sacks said, “No one can go do it alone anymore. The social sector is not going to solve poverty. The government is not going to reform education. The business world is not going to do workforce development alone…it is going to be our collective work together to create the future that we want to create.”

Sacks is the program director of the Irvine New Leadership Network and a senior advisor at Open Impact, an advisory firm that helps social impact leaders accelerate their visions and organizations. She was formally a fellow Stanford’s and a senior advisor to DataKind.

In the interview, Sacks explains what networked leadership means, how it’s reinventing traditional forms of management, and why a new kind of leadership is crucial in our complex world.

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