Singularity Is Relaunching the ‘Singularity Radio’ Podcast Network

While Covid-19 has reshaped many aspects of our lives, one thing that hasn’t changed is the desire to learn and stay entertained while juggling our many day-to-day obligations. To make sure we’re doing our part to keep you up-to-date and inspired, Singularity is relaunching our world-ranked podcast network: Singularity Radio.

For those of you who may not already be subscribers, the first season of Singularity Radio met with great success, placing in Apple’s Top 25 Tech podcasts in the world thanks to conversations with the likes of Annaka Harris, Douglas Rushkoff, and Donald Hoffman.

As we embark on Season 2, we’ve decided not to mess with a good thing. Singularity Radio will continue to bring you a variety of inspiring shows and audio experiences, with several shows curated in one podcast feed. Our signature show, “The Feedback Loop,” is leading the way, with brand new episodes every week featuring interviews with compelling thinkers and doers.

The Feedback Loop

The conversations we feature on “The Feedback Loop” focus heavily on the human side of technology, on understanding how technology is reshaping individuals and culture. Using a psychological lens, we’ll explore everything from personal development and well-being to the sociopolitical and economic impacts of technology.

The podcast’s namesake is inspired by the concept of ontological design—which is our capacity to actively play a role in shaping reality, being, and existence itself. As explained by John Culkin (although commonly attributed to renowned media theorist Marshall McLuhan), “We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”

In other words, as new technologies are created and become the norm, the way we live as humans and our ability to create even more complex technologies is forever altered. So we must ask ourselves: How is humanity’s rapid technological transformation changing us?

To better understand this question, the show features interviews with a variety of experts, most often academics and authors. Each episode strives to provide educational and inspirational conversations that promote personal empowerment and help listeners increase their capacity for creativity, productivity, and impact.

Get Involved

The Feedback Loop isn’t just a cool name; it’s also part of our approach to building a community-driven podcast. If you’re interested in asking our guests questions of your very own, or even being invited to join the podcast for community panel discussions, be sure to join our Global Community, where more than 25,000 innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders from around the world come together to learn, network, and help change the world for the better.

Subscribe and Listen!

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Editor’s Note: This promotional post was written by Singularity University, Singularity Hub’s parent company. The Singularity Hub editorial staff was not involved in its creation, but signing up through links in this post helps support the work we do here.

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