Carin Ism

Carin Ism is the co-founder of the Future of Governance Agency (FOGA) and co-author of “How to Rule a World—A Guide to the Established and Emerging Tools for Power and Governance in the 21st century” to be released in 2020. Ism is faculty at SingularityU Nordic and teaches on distributed ledger technology and the future of governance. She was the principal investigator of the first governance study in a Mars simulation and also the chair of Effective Altruism’s Swedish branch, which works to promote longtermism and effectiveness in policy, foreign aid, and philanthropy. Previous to this, Ism was the Executive Director of the Global Challenges Foundation and led the inception and development of the New Shape Prize, the first report on global governance of global risks, and a reform to pivot Scandinavia’s leading business education (SSE) towards global risks. Ism also served as board member of Humanity+ Sweden. She is the recipient of the 2019 Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award in International Policy.

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