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Kathryn Ross

Kathryn Ross

PhD Student, Curtin University

My background consists of a B.Science with a double major in Mathematics and Physics, including First class Honours in Physics. Currently, I am researching Active Galactic Nuclei using the MWA telescope at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research at Curtin University in Perth as part of my PhD. I have researched the effectiveness of types of resources in teaching physics as a member of the Sydney University Physics Education Research (SUPER) Group. I have also worked extensively in communicating science in a range of settings, from radio, livestream videos on YouTube to crowds at the Star Gazing Live World Record attempt in May. I particularly focus on encouraging females to pursue careers in physics and STEM. My previous astronomical research has included estimating the dark matter content of nearby radio galaxies at Sheffield University in the UK. At SIfA, I built on previous work using the VAMPIRES Instrument, a differential polarimetric interferometric aperture mask, to detect and model the dust around the red supergiant star, MuCep.

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