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Kris Østergaard

Co-founder and Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, SingularityU Nordic

As the chief learning and innovation officer of SingularityU Nordic, Kris is responsible for designing and running education and innovation programs for organizations as well as startups in SingularityU Nordic’s 7,000+ square meter innovation campus based in Copenhagen.

Kris is the author of Transforming Legacy Organizations: Turn Your Established Business into an Innovation Champion to Win the Future; translator of the best-selling business book Exponential Organizations into Danish; and also the co-author of The Fundamental 4s: How to Design Extraordinary Customer Experiences in an Exponential World. He is also a Certified Experience Economy Expert and the first recipient of the prestigious Experience Management Achievement Award outside of the US.

Together with his partner Laila Pawlak, Kris launched thinkubator—a corporate, crowdfunded incubator that supports corporates to work with entrepreneurs and establish their own incubator to kick-start innovation, leverage technology, and deep dive into the exponential mindset.

Kris co-founded the innovation hub DARE2mansion—a Professional Playground in Copenhagen, which serves as an incubator and co-working and event space where entrepreneurs, corporates, and academia can come together to create disruptive businesses.

He has more than 15 years of research experience with a primary specialization in qualitative methodologies and gaining insights into the foundation of strategy building, designing extraordinary customer experiences, and affecting human behavior in a positive way.

Kris is a sought-after speaker and facilitator primarily around corporate innovation, exponential organizations and innovation in legacy organizations. He is also an advisor, board member, and investor to a number of startups, certified coach, NLP Business Practitioner, LEGO Serious Play facilitator, and frequent writer and blogger on disruptive business, innovating on the edges, exponential organizations, innovation in legacy organizations and customer experiences.

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