Kris Østergaard

Kris is a researcher, author and globally sought after keynote speaker on responsible business and business ethics, innovation in established organizations, corporate culture, and the impact of technological change. He is Head of Research & Publishing at Rehumanize Institute. Besides being the editor of Ethics at Work: Dilemmas of the Near Future and How Your Organization Can Solve Them and author of Transforming Legacy Organizations, Kris also co-authored The Fundamental 4s - Designing Extraordinary Customer Experiences in an Exponential World and hosts The Corporate Innovation Podcast – Presented by Singularity University as well as The Responsible Business Podcast. Kris has been lead researcher on the international Responsible Business Study conducted by Accenture and Rehumanize Institute, which identifies 4 pillars that set Responsible Business Leaders apart from the rest and enable organizations to design systematically for responsible business. He has co-founded SingularityU Nordic, the experience design firm DARE2, accelerator program Thinkubator and co-working space DARE2mansion and is a GeoTech Center Action Council Member at the Atlantic Council (a nonpartisan organization that works towards shaping a stronger future together) as well as global SingularityU expert and speaker.

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