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Megan North

Megan is director of Content Marketing for Singularity University. Before moving over to the Digital Media dark side, she was known as the marketing engine at SU. She brings the same strength and stamina to Singularity Hub to create engaging learning experiences.

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Space and Technology: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Does life exist beyond Earth? Scientists have a few reasons to be optimistic. For one, there are an estimated 100 billion billion Earth-like planets in our universe. That should get most people’s hopes up. Further, we're...

Space and Technology Review: Asteroid Detection and Mining

Scientists have only catalogued 1% of near-Earth asteroids. At the current pace, it would take 1,000 years to find all near-Earth asteroids. New laws make asteroid mining potentially insanely lucrative. Millions of rocky objects...

Space and Technology Review: The Race to the Moon and Mars

It’s an exciting time for space exploration. NASA, private companies, and several countries are all racing to colonize space. Soon we hope to become a multi-planetary species. But why? This post explores why we’re racing...

Space and Technology Review: Our Home Among the Stars

At Singularity University, space is one of our Global Grand Challenges (GGCs). The GGCs are defined as billion-person problems. They include, for example, water, food, and energy and serve as targets for the innovation...

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