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Steven Parton

Steven is a computer scientist, freelance writer, and researcher living in Portland, Oregon. He's particularly obsessed with exploring the neuroscientific and psychological impacts technology is having on the human mind. When not immersed in storytelling of some kind, you can usually find him biking around the pacific northwest.

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The Challenge of Abundance: Boredom, Meaning, and the Struggle of Mental Freedom

As technology continues to progress, the possibility of an abundant future seems more likely. Artificial intelligence is expected to drive down the cost of labor, infrastructure, and transport. Alternative energy systems are reducing the...

The Rise of Dataism: A Threat to Freedom or a Scientific Revolution?

What would happen if we made all of our data public—everything from wearables monitoring our biometrics, all the way to smartphones monitoring our location, our social media activity, and even our internet search history? Would...

Outdated Evolution: Updating Our Governments to Cope with Disruptive Technology

What happens when evolution shapes an animal for tribes of 150 primitive individuals living in a chaotic jungle, and then suddenly that animal finds itself living with millions of others in an engineered metropolis,...

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