Tissue Regenerating Foams and Gels Under Development

gel_foam_inject_woundImagine healing from a serious tissue wound after only a few days or weeks simply by injecting it with tissue regenerating foam or gel.  Singularity Hub has learned that the tissue regeneration industry, including leading player Cook Biotech, is hard at work to achieve this exciting goal.

Readers may recall our story from a few months ago covering Cook Biotech’s awesome family of tissue regeneration products marketed under the Biodesign name.  These sheets of pig derived bio-material, known as acellular matrix, can greatly enhance the body’s ability to regenerate healthy, lasting tissue when inserted into wounds from burns, gashes, or surgery.

Today Cook has announced that a 5 year study has verified the long term strength and durability of Biodesign treated hernias.  The study, administered by Morris E. Franklin, Jr., MD, et. al, of the Texas Endosurgery Institute, San Antonio, Texas, followed the progress of 116 patients, and was published in Surgical Endoscopy in September 2008.

Although the announcement from Cook further validates the effectiveness of sheets of biomaterial as tissue regeneration substrates, foams and gels may offer increased flexibility and control with their ability to take on any shape and squeeze into any opening.  No word on when these foams and gels will come to market, but we can confirm that they are in development and we will be watching closely for updates.


Many people don’t realize it, but sheets of pig derived acellular matrix like Cook’s Biodesign, as well as competitor Lifecell’s  cadaver derived Alloderm, are making major inroads in the field of tissue repair.  These tissue regeneration products have been used to treat at least 2 million patients worldwide, aiding in the regeneration of tissue for hernias, large wounds, plastic surgery, colon and rectal surgery, and a slew of other applications.

As is often the case with new technologies, adoption can be slow and doctors may be hesitant to consider these amazing tissue generating materials for treatment.  Readers should keep this in mind in the unfortunate event that they need to heal from a serious wound.

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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