Master List of 500+ TED Videos With Summaries

*update: We’ve learned that Emilymcmc is Emily McManus, editor of, see comment section

ted_logoNot sure who Emilymcmc is, not sure how she did this, but she has a great list of all the TED videos available online as a Google Document. Just follow the link above to the document then browse for your favorite talk. There are summaries and duration lengths to help you choose which presentation to watch. Click on the link in the first column and you get taken right to the video you want. You can sort the list by publishing date (roughly equal to presentation order), by conference, or by speaker first name. The presentations at Technology Entertainment and Design are usually great, and often mind blowing. I’m not sure who has time to watch all 537, but it would definitely be worth it.

These videos are just from TED and TED Global but they are current up through 2009. Hopefully we’ll see a master list for TEDMED and other related presentations sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy the easy access to the talks. Thanks Emily!

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