Samsung’s Laptop with an Amazing Transparent OLED Screen (video)

samsung oled transparent screen
Not sure why you would want to see your hand behind a laptop..but you can. And it’s awesome.

Samsung fulfilled its promises to reveal more of its transparent OLED screens during CES this year. Not only did they debut the Ice Touch, a PMP with a small transparent screen, they demonstrated a really awesome project still in R&D. An unnamed 14 inch screen was attached to a laptop, showcasing a 100,000 to 1 contrast ration, 40% transparency, and a passable 960 x 540 resolution. Some have already dubbed it the ‘Avatar display’ due to its resemblance to the technology from the movie. Any way you look at it, the new 14 inch transparent screen is a remarkable device and represents a cool looking step towards integrating displays seamlessly into our environments. Check out a brief video of the Samsung transparent OLED screen at CES 2010 from Engadget after the break.

Of course, a 960 x 540 resolution is a little archaic for a laptop in 2010, but I’m not really disappointed. The 40% transparency when the screen is off is cool enough to override other considerations. Clearly, with the device unnamed we’re not going to be seeing this thing hit the markets any time soon. Samsung wasn’t even clear if the screen would always be integrated with a laptop. Still, if the Ice Touch PMP is any indication, Samsung is willing to explore the full range of sizes and markets for their OLED technology. Hopefully they’ll find the right niche for really cool transparent screens. Augmented reality tablet computers? Something will work out. And when it does, it’s going to look incredible.

[photo credit: Gizmodo]

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