Singularity University Gathers Steam, Rolls Out New Website

SU new website
Along with growing student interest and class size, SU has also updated its look to include more videos, more alumni voices, and more social networking.

The spring season of growth has come early to the NASA Ames center in Silicon Valley. That’s where Singularity University is gearing up for its one year anniversary and a new burst of innovation and development. It’s winter Executive Program is currently underway, the spring Executive Progam is approaching and SU is working to double the number of students in its summer Graduate Studies Program. The fledgling university has also formed partnerships with other institutions to further its goals of instructing a generation of leaders about accelerating technologies. SU is working with the XPrize Lab at MIT on brain computer interfaces and is sponsoring the She’s Geeky conferences to help promote women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If all that wasn’t enough, SU has even revamped their website: adding in more videos, alumni feedback, and social networking. Technology is accelerating, and Singularity University wants to grow right along with it.

SU is unique as the only educational institution focused on teaching its students how to leverage exponential growth trends in information technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges such as poverty, hunger, environment, health, and energy. Its programs are relatively short (9 weeks for the summer, 10 days for Executive programs) to fit a body of students that are often already successful entrepreneurs and leaders. The hope is that the growing body of alumni will use their talents to produce successful new ventures around growing technologies like bioinformatics, mobile devices, augmented reality, or dozens of others. With alumni success comes university success and SU hopes to keep expanding in the years ahead. Eventually, SU may produce enough open minded and innovative thinkers that they can help steer the globe towards accepting, adapting to, and taking advantage the rising tide of technological progress.

To do that, SU is constantly finding new ways it can improve. We’ve already seen impressive growth in class size, and student interest, but SU is also committed to continuing to innovate its curriculum, and widen the expertise of its already insanely talented faculty and advisors. By any metric, Singularity University is having a tremendous first year and I look forward to seeing how this next summer brings in a new class of students, a new round of lectures, and a new burst of creativity. As always, Singularity Hub will continue to follow Singularity University’s progress, so stay tuned.

*Disclosure: Keith Kleiner, owner of Singularity Hub, is an associate founder at Singularity University.
[image credits: Singularity University]

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