Robot Gymnast Performs Again! Now With Automatic Hands (video)

gymnastics robot with automatic hands
Gymnast robot No. 7 comes with automatic gripping hands. It wants that bar so badly!

Robot enthusiast Hinamitetu (aka Taro Tetubou) is on the road to building the perfect artificial gymnast. It’s a long journey. His last creation, the No. 6, was able to do a full release somersault (kovacs) on the high bar. The next iteration in robot gymnastics, the No. 7, has fully automatic hands. Place a bar in there, and the 3kg bot latches on with amazing speed. That’s a skill that comes in handy when you tumbling through the air. As always, watching a Hinamitetu bot in action is as much about the comedy as it is about the gymnastic prowess. I love the evil robot eyes and the defiant stare. Check out No. 7’s successful performance in the video below. We’ve also included some of the blooper footage to give you a chuckle. Keep up the good work Hina-san, I want to see the No. 8 stick a dismount!


Here Hinamitetu pays homage to the Olympics but No. 7 doesn’t seem to have caught the spirit of the occasion…nor the high bar. Watch until the end to see the robot get thrown onto the bar and catch it. Wow, pretty cool! Plus there’s a rare glimpse of Hina-san himself.

Help, I’m stuck!

[screen capture and video credits: Hinamitetu]
[source: Hinamitetu]

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