Ray Kurzweil Speaks at Singularity University 2010 Opening Ceremony

Kurzweil At SU

Earlier today I released a story covering the opening ceremonies for the Singularity University 2010 summer session, but I forgot to include a very important video!  The opening ceremony would not be complete without a few words from Ray Kurzweil, and we do indeed have the video below.  How could I forget to include such an important piece of the story?  I’m putting the blame on faulty brain implants.

Ray Kurzweil’s speech doesn’t really deliver anything new to those that are already familiar with his work.  But hey, even Ray Kurzweil doesn’t have to reveal something new and revolutionary every time he speaks, does he?  My favorite part of the video is when Kurzweil states:

“Most universities would say their product is their students, but actually our [Singularity University’s] product is to create transcendent effects in the world, and all of you students are our co-conspirators in making that happen”

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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