Endhiran – Movie Featuring Singing, Dancing, and Robots!

Endiran, The Robot, hits India in September. Prepare yourself for the awesome insanity.

Get ready for another blockbuster science fiction flick, but this time it’s gonna be Bollywood* style. September 3, 2010 will see the release of Endhiran (English title: The Robot), a science fiction epic from India that looks to be about love, vengeance, dancing and robots. Directed by S. Shankar, who is known for his mammoth budgets, Endhiran is rumored to have well surpassed 200 Crores ( ~43 million USD) in its production. This might be the biggest Indian movie of all time, and it’s all about robots and robot-human interactions. We’ve got the trailer (along with some music videos and other promo material) for your below, but unfortunately it’s only available in Tamil. I’m not sure what the actors are saying but this looks like a spectacularly crazy movie. Did they just rip-off I, Robot?  Are those android tigers I saw? Why is everyone dancing? …I can’t wait until this thing hits US shores.

Big budget science fiction films are nothing new to Hollywood, and we’ve seen some really big success stories coming out of the genre lately. Avatar was huge, Inception is doing very well, and Tron Legacy looks like it might be awesome. Yet all of these give a very Americentric take on science and the future. India is one of the biggest and fastest growing economies on the planet and looks to be a major player in the development of global technology in the years ahead. It’s about time for an Indian-made scifi flick to make a splash in the US. Hopefully Endhiran will provide some insight into how the robot culture has spread to other parts of the world.

*Note: Technically I probably shouldn’t refer to a Tamil movie as Bollywood…but I did anyway. Blame the robots, not me.

[image credit: Sun Pictures via WikiCommons]

[source: Endhiran official website]

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