Salim Ismail: How Will Accelerating Technologies Affect You? (video)

Ismail describes how SU's approach to technology education could help billions.

“If you’re building a product or service using today’s technologies you may be out of date by the time you get to market.”

Salim Ismail, CEO of Singularity University, gave a rapid fire presentation at Google’s Zeitgeist talks this year describing how the new institution is educating people about accelerating technologies. Every part of the educational process at SU is aimed at getting students to take advantage of exponential growth trends in order to create global change. Students are selected for their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, exposed to some of the great minds of the day, and pushed to find ways to help 1 billion people with new and innovative business models. Catch a great overview of this new approach to understanding disruptive innovation in the video below. It’s clear from Ismail’s talk that Singularity University is striving to guide the world in how to use accelerating technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges.

[screen capture and video credit: Zeitgeist Minds]

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