Awesome Commercial Pimps Oil for Robots (video)

Robots stand in for cars, but also people, in the cool new ad from Total.

We keep finding new ways to incorporate robotics into our culture. French oil company Total is advertising their new lubricant with a great commercial featuring a horde of humanoid bots running a marathon. Filmed in three countries (Lebanon, Dubai, Brazil), the commercial depicts some really cool looking robots leaping, running, and dying with very human-like ambition. And of course the winning bot chugs Total brand oil lubricants like Gatorade the entire time. Developed by CLM BBDO, the ad features the slogan “make your engine an athlete of the road.” We’ve been personifying our cars since they were first created, but I think it’s really interesting that now this anthropomorphism is taking a detour through robotics. Are robots becoming the cultural bridge that links humanity to all other machines? Enough of my musings, check out the sweet robot action in the video below. Run, robot, run!

[screen capture and video credits: Total]
[source: Total (FR), Le PubliGeekAire (FR)]

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