I’ve Got Pictures of that Mysterious “Apple Robot” You Were Asking About!

Not an Apple Bot 04
Official announcements about this mysterious robot are coming May 11th!

A few weeks ago, a video of a mysterious rolling robot made it’s way through the blogosphere raising a few questions as to whether Apple was building it’s own bot. Well as I said then, it’s not from Apple, but I do know its creator(s) and guess what? They’re finally letting me share some information on their machine. Well, kind of. I was able to get a few (non-blurry) images of the bot to share, and I can tell you the big unveiling date is coming May 11th. Yep, in just a few more weeks all your questions will be answered. In the meantime, you can read a few other facts on my original post, and  I really hope that these pics will tide you over. Remember, it’s not a robot from Apple, but it is pretty slick looking.

Not Apple Bot 01

Not an Apple Bot 06
Had to panel-out some equipment here.
Not Apple Bot 07
That blurry thing is a human, just to give you a sense of scale.

[image credits: Held by Singularity Hub on behalf of undisclosed source, all rights reserved by original owner]

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