Robotic Labor Taking Over the World? You Bet – Here Are the Details

Let’s not be silly here, robots don’t want to kill all humans…they just want to take all their jobs. The accelerating rise in robot labor of the past decade, and its expansion into all areas of production, have led many to worry about the future of human workers. Yet how extensive is the robotic take over of labor? Our friends at Mezzmer Eyeglasses did some impressive research and created an even more impressive infographic explaining the present and future of robots in the workplace. Check out the Singularity Hub exclusive image below. With 9 million robots working in the world, and 4 million+ more scheduled to arrive next year, we’re clearly entering into a new age of automation. But will it bring a new era of unemployment with it?

With the recent global economic slump, some have pointed to automated manufacturing and services as a possible explanation for why unemployment stays so high despite some financial recuperation. Others think that automation has the potential to outright stop the global economy if we don’t do something drastic to change. Personally, robotic labor seems like a brilliant idea that will ultimately create more wealth, and open up more opportunity for humans to pursue enjoyable work. No matter where you sit in that debate, you have to admit that robot labor is a growing force to be reckoned with. The world’s largest electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, is adding 1 million more robots in the next three years. Artificial intelligence is allowing automation to take positions held by people with advanced degrees. The robot revolution is coming. Hell, it’s probably already here. And you know that mainstream news outlets aren’t going to give this issue the coverage it deserves, you’ll have to tell your friends about robots on your own. Infographics like this one are a great way to spread the word. So read it, share it, and prepare – automation domination is everywhere.

Robotic Labor

[image credit: Graphic Created by Mezzmer Eyeglasses]

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