Bionic Vision: “Sight” Short Movie Explores the Coming Future of Augmented Reality

A picture of an eye with a google glasses style contact lens

A pair of graduate students at the Bezaleal Academy of Arts, in Jeruselem, have created a fascinating short video that experiments with concepts of life in a world full of Augmented Reality technology.

There is little doubt that Terminator-style AR is coming. Today’s vision, limited to mere biological functioning, will seem vastly primitive compared to the bionic eyesight of the future. Augmented reality began to capture the attention of mainstream consumers when Google released their Project Glass trailer showcasing their frames capable of layering digital information over a person’s field of vision.

Though the technology is certain to exist, what is uncertain is what we will do with all of this information.  Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo created the video as part of a graduation project in the visual communications department, and paint a compelling picture of what this world could look like. The video explores concepts around forms of recreation, entertainment, while also raising serious questions about privacy. Is it cheating to have the tastes and interests of your date fed to you in real time during your first meet-up?

AR will see a progression from clunky hardware to less invasive devices, as bionic contact lenses are already in production. A day will come, when the apparatus barrier is removed, and augmented reality is as a part of our experience as smart phones are today. Check out the video to get a taste of this coming world, and be sure to stay tuned for a surprise twist ending:

Aaron Frank
Aaron Frank
Aaron Frank is a researcher, writer, and consultant who has spent over a decade in Silicon Valley, where he most recently served as principal faculty at Singularity University. Over the past ten years he has built, deployed, researched, and written about technologies relating to augmented and virtual reality and virtual environments. As a writer, his articles have appeared in Vice, Wired UK, Forbes, and VentureBeat. He routinely advises companies, startups, and government organizations with clients including Ernst & Young, Sony, Honeywell, and many others. He is based in San Francisco, California.
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