Future of Work Series Launches Today

Singularity Hub is devoting this week to exploring a topic on many of people’s minds recently: The Future of Work.

Have we already entered an era where exponentially growing technologies, among them AI and robotics, will greatly disrupt the way that the majority of people work and earn a living?

We believe the answer is yes.

As part of this investigation, we’re interested in exploring the following issues:

  • How will organizations function and innovate during this period of change?
  • What will workers do to seek new skills to stay competitive? (and how will this impact the educational system?)
  • How we can begin to restructure our economic foundations to prepare for the changes coming?

It’s a complex subject, and much has been written about it already. Our investigation will not be exhaustive and we don’t intend on answering every question—the topic is enormous, after all. Instead, we’ve invited a variety of contributors to weigh in on their own viewpoints (therefore,  the views expressed in these contributor articles are not necessarily the views of Singularity Hub or Singularity University per se).

Our intent is to spark a thoughtful, meaningful conversation within our unique community of readers. We invite you to engage: bring your opinions, disagree, debate, discuss, and most of all, be respectful of each other’s diverse perspectives.

Please provide feedback. We plan on continuing these ‘deep dives’ into subjects in the future. During the course of the week, let us know what you like and what can be improved upon.

For now, we’ll leave you with a question to ponder:

Should we attempt to control or limit the ongoing automation of the labor force?

Sveta McShane
Sveta McShane
Sveta writes about the intersection of biology and technology (and occasionally other things). She also enjoys long walks on the beach, being underwater and climbing rocks. You can follow her @svm118.
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